Pulsar 4K Wireless Dongle

Pulsar 4K Wireless Dongle
Pulsar 4K Wireless Dongle
Pulsar 4K Wireless Dongle
Pulsar 4K Wireless Dongle
Pulsar 4K Wireless Dongle

Pulsar 4K Wireless Dongle

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The Pulsar 4K wireless dongle enhances your compatible Pulsar gaming mouse performance with a 4000Hz polling rate, surpassing the standard 1000Hz. This boosts tracking precision, responsiveness, and accuracy, which is especially advantageous for competitive gamers requiring precise aiming and quick movements.      

*IMPORTANT* - Compatibility

Only compatible with Pulsar 4K compatible mice. It is not compatible with any other mice brands. These are the Pulsar 4K Compatible mice: Pulsar X2V2 (both sizes), Pulsar X2H (both sizes), Pulsar X2A Size2 (both sizes), Pulsar Xlite V3 (all sizes). *NOT COMPATIBLE with Xlite V2, X2 and eS series mice*.

Incredible Precision

Explore the depths of precision with the Pulsar 4K Wireless Dongle. Pulsar's technology optimizes data transmission, significantly reducing the delay between report and display rendering. The outcome is a more accurate cursor positioning, ensuring the latest updates seamlessly.

Seamless Cursor Control

In the world of high-refresh-rate monitors, the Pulsar 4K Dongle takes charge with its vital polling rate boost. This upgrade guarantees smooth transmission of real-time data, syncing perfectly with your display's rapid speed. No need to worry about losing sync. With the Pulsar 4K Dongle, your cursor moves seamlessly, eliminating the frustration of micro-stutters often seen in slower polling rates. Effortlessly enhance your control and take your gaming to the next level. 

Dimensions (L x W x H)

24.2 mm x 38.5 mm x 19.1 mm [0.95 in x 1.5 in x 0.75 in]


16.1 g

In The Box

Pulsar 4K Wireless Dongle x 1 (USB-C cable NOT INCLUDED)


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