Xlite V3 eS (eSports) Wireless - Black - Medium Size

Xlite V3 eS (eSports) Wireless - Black - Medium Size
Xlite V3 eS (eSports) Wireless - Black - Medium Size
Xlite V3 eS (eSports) Wireless - Black - Medium Size
Xlite V3 eS (eSports) Wireless - Black - Medium Size
Xlite V3 eS (eSports) Wireless - Black - Medium Size

Xlite V3 eS (eSports) Wireless - Black - Medium Size

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Introducing the Pulsar Xlite V3 eS (eSports) - Designed for competitive eSports, the Xlite V3 eS model stands out from regular mice with its unique features.  It is equipped with an OLED display on the bottom surface, allowing for quick and driver-free customization of desired settings. Users can check the battery status and configure various settings such as polling rate, LOD (Lift-off Distance), Motion sync, DPI (Dots Per Inch), and Debounce time.      

Superior Comfort

The Xlite V3 eS gaming mouse redefines ergonomics with a focus on right-hand palm grips, providing unparalleled comfort for marathon gaming sessions. What sets it apart is its versatility, offering three different sizes: mini, medium, and large, to cater to individual preferences and hand sizes.

Maximize Speed and Precision with Included 4K Dongle

Experience gaming at its peak with the Xlite V3 eS Gaming Mouse featuring a groundbreaking 4K wireless dongle. The advanced 4K dongle ensures seamless responsiveness, providing a lag-free connection for lightning-fast reactions and unparalleled accuracy.

4K Wireless and 8K Wired Modes

4K-ready in wireless for crisp graphics and responsiveness. Switch to the 8K wired mode for unparalleled detail and precision. Enjoy the benefits of 4K polling for enhanced clarity and 8K polling for ultimate gaming precision.

OLED Display, Driver Free Control

Explore advanced customization with the eS Gaming Mouse Series featuring an integrated OLED display. Easily monitor battery levels and adjust key settings, such as LOD, debounce time, motion sync, polling rate, and DPI, using dedicated mouse buttons – all without the requirement for external drivers.

Aluminum Alloy Wheel

Discover durability and style with the mouse's Aerospace grade aluminum alloy wheel. The sleek design ensures precision and longevity, providing a robust scrolling experience.

Split Click Shell

The split-click mechanism divides the left and right buttons, allowing for independent actuation and reducing click latency.

Super Rigid Body Structure

he Xlite V3 eS gaming mouse boasts a sleek design body, complementing its super rigid body structure. This combination not only enhances durability by filling the holes present in the previous model's body but also contributes to a more robust and visually appealing overall design.

Optical Switches for Light Clicks

The Xlite V3 eS features pre-sorted optical switches, ensuring every click is light and ultra-responsive. Experience swift actions with minimal effort. Since optical switches do not rely on physical contact, they do not suffer from the same wear and tear and bouncing issues that can cause double-clicking in mechanical switches.

New Pulsar Encoder for Tactile Control

Built with a tactile and dust-proof structure, it offers a responsive feel and longevity. Exhausted by the challenges stemming from third-party components, Pulsar has taken control and engineered their own fresh encoder - The Pulsar Blue Encoder.

High-Quality Ball Bearing Wheel Click

Experience seamless scrolling and precise clicks with the indirect wheel click system. High-quality ball bearings provide smooth interaction, giving you control at your fingertips.

Improved Battery Life and Reading with Nordic MCU

The Nordic MCU enhances battery life and reading accuracy, ensuring extended gaming sessions without compromise.

Lag-Free 2.4Hz Wireless Technology

Enjoy the freedom of wireless gaming without sacrificing performance. The Xlite V3 eS uses lag-free 2.4Hz wireless technology via USB wireless adaptors for seamless connectivity.

Latest Flagship 26K Sensor (PAW 3395)

Experience exceptional accuracy and responsiveness with the advanced PAW 3395 sensor, ensuring pixel-perfect tracking for consistent performance in any gaming scenario.

Up To 100 Hours of Battery Life

The Xlite V3 eS exceptional battery performance guarantees long-lasting reliability, allowing you to focus on your gameplay without concerns about battery depletion.

USB-C Connection With Superflex Paracord Cable

The Xlite V3 eS comes with Pulsar's Superflex Paracord Cable that reduces drag and cable snag for smooth, unrestricted movements, giving you the feeling of a wireless mouse with the precision of a wired one. 

Dimensions (L x W x H)

122mm x 67mm x 43mm


65g (+/-1g)

In The Box

Xlite V3 eS Wireless Mouse x 1, 4K Wireless Donge x 1, USB-C Cable x 1

Tech Specs

System requirements: Windows, Mac and Linux. USB 3.0 port required
Max DPI: 26000
Maximum acceleration: 50G
Sensor: PAW3395
Polling rate: 1000Hz(1ms) (Can go up to 4K with included Pulsar 4K dongle, and up to 8K via wired connection)
Switch Type (Main): Optical
Connectivity: USB Port Required for wireless and wired mode
32bit ARM Processor
Software: Not needed. Change the settings with OLED display at the bottom of the mouse.
Maximum tracking speed: 650 IPS
Software Compatibility : Windows (7 or newer)

Encoder: Pulsar Blue



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