ACID REWIND - Nostalgia Reimagined

In a rapidly evolving market of consumer tech, we at ONEofZERO are inspired by the past to create something refreshingly new. ACID REWIND is a prime example of this revival, drawing inspiration from the transparent and colourful tech era of the 90s.  For this project we chose to narrow down the main colour to a single bright acidic green that dominated its time.  This colourway brings a touch of nostalgia while being adept to modem design frameworks. 



ACID REWIND pays homage to the iconic transparent gadgets that defined the 90s, offering users a glimpse into the past while remaining at the forefront of consumer tech.  Its sleek, transparent design not only appeals to those who fondly remember the aesthetics of yesteryear but also captivates a new generation seeking a unique and visually striking accessory for their digital workspace. The fusion of retro aesthetics with modern functionality makes ACID REWIND a stylish and functional addition to any setup.


The vision for ACID REWIND extends beyond a single functional product. The collective effort between Pulsar, our manufacturers and ONEofZERO aims to evoke the experience of reliving the past, while also propelling us into an exciting future, shaking up the tech space and fostering new trends and ideas.