Keychron Q-Series vs K-Series

One of the great things about what Keychron has to offer is their large selection to browse and choose from. With so many different models and variations it can often get confusing navigating through and understanding the differences between each series and each model. Today we are specifically looking at and comparing two Keychron series in particular, the Q-Series and the K-Series.

The Q-Series consists of Keychron’s premium keyboard offerings ranging in sizes and variations. The strongest features across Q-Series’ models is their innovative double-gasket design, paired with sound absorption foam that provides you with an elegant and quiet typing experience unlike any other. Q-Series models are also fully customizable and adjustable so you can tune and modify your board just the way you like. Q-Series keyboards are also designed to be compatible with both Windows and MacOS layouts, allowing you to toggle between the two. 

Q-Series Models
  • Q1 (75%)
  • Q2 (65%)
  • Q3 (80% TKL)
  • Q4 (60%)
  • Q5 (96%)
  • Q6 (100% Full Size)
  • Q7 (70%)
  • Q8 (65% Alice Layout)
  • Q9 (40%)
  • Q0 (Number Pad)

 (Keychron Q3)

Keychron's K-Series line consists of low profile, lightweight alternatives compared to the Q-Series models. Like the Q-Series, K-Series models are also equipped with Windows and MacOS layouts. With an incredibly slim design and Bluetooth compatibility, the K-Series keyboards provide both comfort and convenience. Comparative to that of the Q-Series, K-Series models are much more affordable and can be seen as a great entry level board for those looking for something simple and enjoyable. 

K-Series Models
  • K1 (80% TKL)  
  • K2 (75%)
  • K3 (75%)    
  • K4 (96%)
  • K6 (65%)
  • K8 (80% TKL)
  • K10 (100% Full Size)
  • K12 (60%)

 (Keychron K4)