ONEofZERO's 2022 Holiday Guide

If you are searching for a tech savvy holiday gift idea for family and friends or you are looking for a little something for yourself, our staff at ONEofZERO has put together a list of our favourites that will hopefully help you in your search or at least guide you in the right direction.


Glorious Model O Wireless
First on our list is the Glorious Model O Wireless and when it comes to wireless mice, there are none that we could recommend more.  This mouse's iconic honeycomb design does more than cut down on weight but has the additional benefit of adding grip and ventilation for a more comfortable experience.  Every curve and dimension on the Model O was carefully designed with comfort and performance in mind, making this the perfect mouse for gamers and everyday users.  Available in both matte black and white, you simply cannot miss the mark when trying to pair with other peripherals.

ONEofZERO Premium Desk pads
On deck is our very own line of premium desk pads which come in a variety of designs. Our favourite being Triple Point, scientifically defined as: the temperature and pressure at which the solid, liquid, and vapor phases of a pure substance can coexist in equilibrium. Created by a local artist and designer this design draws inspiration from ancient Pueblo art, modern design principles and the rule of thirds.

These desk pads feature an anti-slip rubber bottom with a smooth flexible cloth top for effortless gliding and compatibility with all mice. These desk mats are the perfect stocking stuffer for this holiday season.


Keychron Q0 Number Pad
The Keychron Q0 is not only a staff favourite at ONEofZERO but also a fan favourite from our customers. The Q0 features a well-crafted premium aluminum body and programmable QMK Firmware that allows users to fully customize how they use the numpad. The Q0 also features a hot-swappable PCB, allowing you to pick and choose the perfect switch without disassembly and de-soldering. Available in Blue, Black and Grey, the Q0 from Keychron is the perfect gadget to pick up for that tech junkie friend or a hustling co-worker.

BD005 Pro IEM's
The Perfect entry level option into hi-fidelity audio is the BD005 Pro IEM's from Kinera.  This brand is known for creating beautiful high quality in-ear-monitors for audiophiles and music creators looking to experience and discover incredible details in the music that they love and make.  The BD005 is a great option for those users who are looking to get a peak into that world while remaining comfortable and versatile for casual use such as taking video calls with an in line microphone making it a great option for those working from home.


You can find the complete list of our Staff's recommendations for the 2022 Holiday Here