Deskpad Manufacturer Tolerances

Our deskpads were manufactured by one of the top vendors in the industry and will feature the same build quality that you would expect from the big names in both the gaming and the enthusiast market.

That being said these are still mousepads and with that comes minor imperfections and limitations to quality that can never be perfected.  Here is a list of what you can expect from our deskpads that fall under the manufacturers tolerances.


Stitching gaps around the corners.

Because the machine stitching needs to navigate around the corner, there will be gaps around the corner.  This is done as to not bunch up and disfigure the shape of the corners.



Imperfect stitching on the tag

For reasons unclear, possibly do to the thickness of the mousepad and the tag, the stitching on tag may be imperfect.


Fraying threads and wear

Over time the threads along the outside of the deskpad will wear and threads may appear to fray.  This is typically not noticeable unless looking up close with a contrasting colour underneath.  This example is between 1-2 months of heavy use every day.



Banding is a minor printing defect when complex gradients have difficulty being printed at a high resolution and can result in vertical lines being visible from the printing process.  We ran into some complications with the factory but after many back and forths and tweeks to the digital files and colours, we were able to bring the banding down to a level that was not perceivable in most conditions.  In some situations due to lighting and viewing angle banding can still be present with certain designs and can sometimes be picked up or even be exaggerated when capturing on a camera and viewing on a digital screen.


Minor printing errors

In rare cases, we have seen examples where there are minor printing errors such as small specks about the size of a pin head or very faint discolorations over a small section which resemble a spec of dust.  Below are two examples that we deem to be within tolerance as they are extremely small errors that are usually never picked up by users unless they are looking for them.


Perceived Colour inaccuracy

We know the importance of having accurate colours and designs and we have done our absolute best with product photography and package printing to get the colours as close as possible to the finished product.  The truth of the matter is that dealing with colours is a difficult task and a science on it's own.  Colours viewed on a screen will always be different from what is printed on paper and what is printed on a cloth top.   We are confident that we have done a very solid good job by matching the colours with the help of our team visiting the factories, and having multiple back and forths between our designer, the ONEofZERO team and our vendor to quadruple check that the colours and the designs match.


Our warranty covers manufacturer defects to the product upon receiving and does not include wear, tear or discoloration from spills or physical touch.

Some examples of manufacturer defects would be failing threading that exceeds tolerances listed above.  Discoloration and or printing defects that exceed pinhead sized specs.

We are human and we acknowledge that mistakes happen.  We want to be as fair as possible with our customer who we truly value tremendously.  That being said we are a small company and not a giant conglomerate and all we can ask for is your understanding that we can not always provide the customer with the solution that they want.