IODINE Pre-Order Terms and Conditions

Key Dates

Pre-order launch: March 1st 2021; 12:20EST

Estimated Production completion date: March 30th 

Air Shipment Warehouse arrival date (Tentative): April 9th

Local delivery out date (Tentative): April 12th 


Terms and conditions

Reservations and payment

By taking part in this pre-order launch (you) the customer will be reserving your spot for the limited number of models that will be produced for this keyboard which is a total of 1010 units.

Payment will be collected in advance by placing an order on the pre-order product listing.  This will lock in your reserved selection.  

Cancellations and warranty policy

You will be able to cancel your order at no additional cost prior to April 9th, which is the scheduled shipment arrival date.  After this date we will no longer accept cancellations.

Once you place your order we can not make adjustments to your switch selection.  This is because there will be a set number of pre-determined switches for production.  If you placed an order and want to make a change to the switch type, you will have to cancel your order and once cancellation is confirmed by our team (which could take up to 1 business day) then you can place a new order for the correct switch type.  Please note that by cancelling your order you could potentially lose your reservation spot entirely and there is no guarantee that the model you wish to order will remain available after the cancellation process.  For the fairness of all of our customers, we can not hold any stock during this process.

Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis.  If there are cancellations from other customers then more stock will be made available as we inventory on the website is updated.

This is a limited edition product and thus will be a final sale purchase.  This means that there will be no available return or refund program in place.  

This product will include a 1 year warranty.  Warranty on this product will cover manufacturer defects, and physical damage upon delivery.  The warranty will not cover other physical damage to the keyboard after delivery.  Any water or spill damage will automatically void the warranty.  Any manipulation to the keyboard including opening up the case will void all warranty.  Installing incorrect or 3rd party firmware will not be covered under warranty. 

Customer Authenticity and limitations

Because this is a limited edition product we will have limitations on the sale of this product.  We will be limiting the number available to one (1) unit per customer.  We will not process orders for customers that are flagged by our website provider as a high risk for Fraud.    

In addition, we have set a limit of 2 units per customer to prevent hoarding and a potential for a resell market.  We will be screening all orders and hold the right to cancel orders that we find are trying to exploit loop holes in the ordering process.  This is in an effort to provide value to customers who genuinely want to purchase the product and use for themselves. 


Orders within the continental United States and Canada will receive free shipping for this product.  International orders will be subject to international rates and may incur additional customs or duties fees applicable to your country.  

If multiple products are ordered, the products will be shipped out separately if they are in stock and no added shipping costs will be incurred by the customer.  For example, if a customer orders a mouse that is in stock along with the IODINE keyboard, the mouse will be shipped right away and the keyboard will be shipped separately upon arrival to our warehouse.

If you place an order for a ONEofZERO desk pad as a pre-order as well, this item will be delivered along with the IODINE Keyboard.