Panda Switches (36 Pack)

Panda Switches (36 Pack)
Panda Switches (36 Pack)
Panda Switches (36 Pack)

Panda Switches (36 Pack)

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Introducing the Glorious Panda.  Made using the coveted original INVYR Panda Housing mold, with upgraded internal stem designs and materials, the Glorious Panda provides a unique typing experience unlike anything your fingers have ever experienced.

The Glorious Panda is compatible with SMD LED's and can be illuminated through transparent keycaps.  Pair them with Cherry profile keycaps without any interference.



The feel of the Glorious Panda switches can be described as a perfectly crisp and responsive tactile switch.  They feature a strong "bump" at the start of the downward keystroke, and quickly snap back on the upstroke.  The typing experience is beautifully unique.  Once you try them, you will not want to go back to another switch again.


Technical details

Quantity: 36 pieces

Lubrication: Comes not lubricated from factory

Mounting: Plate (3 pins)

Actuation force: 67 grams

Material: Polycarbonate, Nylon PA66 (casing), POM (stem)

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