TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones

TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones

TMA-2 Studio - Modular Headphones

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Introducing the new AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio modular headphones: Developed with professional artists across a variety of genres. Trusted for music creation in the most vigorous environments - in the studio, on the road, and on stage. These modular studio headphones feature a professional sound specifically tuned for music creation and production.  

Signature Detailed AIAIAI Sound

Tuned for clarity and detail, the speaker units in this model are designed to give you the most accurate sound representation possible. The audio passing through these speakers is as transparent as it gets. They contain a precision-grown diaphragm from NAC Audio bio-cellulose, making it stiffer, lighter, and stronger than regular PET speaker units and allowing the sound-producing diaphragm to vibrate without the levels of distortion found in other speakers. Each of these unique qualities results in a more accurate and detailed sound from the speaker to retain clarity of sound at high volumes. For music makers, this is essential as it will allow you to significantly improve your sound choices while producing and mixing your tracks. 


Enhanced Comfort with Alcantara

Alcantara® is a highly innovative material offering an unrivaled combination of sensory aesthetic and functional qualities. These features, combined with AIAIA’s sustainable modular system, make Alcantara the choice for those who want extreme comfort for sustained listening experiences while respecting the environment. If you are a music maker, these are the earpads for your long hours of production and mixing. If you are going to be listening to a track over and over again, you will thank these earpads. 

High-Quality Coiled Cable

Featuring an individually-coated interior, an end spring, and a robust black anodized metal plug, this premium cable reduces interference when required. Additionally, it extends up to 3.2m for a flexible and lossless experience.

Sustainable and Upgradeable Modular Design

AIAIAI's fundamental belief is that nothing is ever static. Their TMA-2 Modular Headphone System puts that belief into action by giving you the unique opportunity to upgrade individual parts, or change between different combinations, extending the use cases and longevity of your product. That's right! Your AIAIAI headphones will always be upgradeable and customizable, giving you the guarantee that your audio needs will always be satisfied.


Modular Parts Included In This Pre-Built Model

S05 · Detailed sound - Bio-diaphragm -  Modular Speaker Units

Listen to every inch of the sounds, these speakers will capture it all. Engineered with a 40mm speaker diaphragm made from stiff Bio-Cellulose for more defined high-frequency details, more pronounced mid-range, better dynamics, and more natural tonality. These are delivered as a pair.


H04 · High comfort – Microfiber - Modular Headband

Whether you are a hard-working music maker who wants to nail the perfect mix or a casual listener with a more sophisticated sound taste, this high comfort headband with microfiber head padding is ideal for longer listening sessions.

E08 · Over ear - Alcantara® - Modular Earpads

Make music and listen to music in superior comfort while being sustainable. These ultra-soft over-ear memory foam cushions covered with Alcantara® - a functional, and CO2 neutral material - will provide high comfort for prolonged listening sessions.

C02 · Coiled - 3.2m - Adapter - Modular Cable

Up to 3.2m extension -individually-coated interior cabling, end spring and robust black anodized metal plug, helps reduce interference when requirered.

A01 · Protective Pouch For TMA-2 Headphones

Protect your TMA-2 headphones from dust and scratches with this protective pouch made from soft nylon. Featuring a mesh inside with an extra sturdy zipper, your headphones will be safe as they travel with you.


Driver diameter - 40 mm

SPL at 1kHz- 117dB

Resonance freq - 80 Hz

Impedance - 32 Ohm

Rated power - 40 mW

Max power - 100 mW

Diaphragm – Bio-cellulose

Magnet Type -High-grade Neodymium

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