TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones

TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones
TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones

TMA-2 DJ - Modular Headphones

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The TMA-2 DJ Modular Headphones from AIAIAI are a pre-built model made for DJs by DJs. This professional model has been put to the test on stages all over the world. It’s a specialized piece of equipment for the hardworking music maker.


Powerful Punchy Bass

You know that feeling in your chest when the bass is pumping? The speaker units in this model are designed with an internal vent for a more clear and punchy middle bass that will make you feel like the bass lives inside of you. Crank it up to the max because with their 40mm closed titanium-coated drivers, distortion will be significantly reduced. 


Vegan Leather On-Ear Cushions

The soft on-ear memory foam cushion covered with vegan leather will comfortably support your long DJ sessions. To enhance the bass even more, the thickness of the cushion and the materials used give high isolation and intense sound representation. This produces strong bass and low-end dynamics. 

Sustainable and Upgradeable Modular Design

AIAIAI's fundamental belief is that nothing is ever static. Their TMA-2 Modular Headphone System puts that belief into action by giving you the unique opportunity to upgrade individual parts, or change between different combinations, extending the use cases and longevity of your product. That's right! Your AIAIAI headphones will always be upgradeable and customizable, giving you the guarantee that your audio needs will always be satisfied.


Features For Live DJing

Cable Lock

When you are living-mixing in the turntables, your arms are constantly moving from side to side to make sure the groove goes on. This can lead to accidentally unplugging the chord from your headphones. TMA-2 DJ's cable lock feature will ensure the cable is not pulled out while playing by locking it to the speaker unit.

Adjustable Cups

Find the perfect headphone fit for you. The adjustable cups feature gives you the freedom to easily move the speaker units up and down to find your personal sweet spot.

Angled Stereo Plug

Live DJing should always be about freedom and flow, not just in music choice, but also in movement. When you are DJing, you should not feel constrained from moving to avoid unplugging cables. This angled stereo plug reduces the risk of pulling the plug from the mixer, and it works as a less intrusive cable when you are beat mixing. Dance and groove freely!

Stereo Jack Adaptor

With the multiple kinds of mixing consoles out there, you always want to be ready to plug your headphones in and play. Easily change from a stereo mini jack (3.5 mm) to a larger stereo jack (6.3 mm) with this adaptor.


Modular Parts Included In This Pre-Built Model

S02 · Punchy sound - Titanium diaphragm -  Modular Speaker Units

Enjoy the bass to its fullest. These speaker units are engineered with a 40mm titanium coated diaphragm to reduce distortion and designed with an internal vent for a clear and punchy middle bass. These are delivered as a pair.


H02 · Rugged - High-grade nylon - Modular Headband

This reinforced headband provides enhanced durability and flexibility, making it ready for pumping music and club environments. When you are beat mixing, you will feel free to move the headband as you please. Put it around your neck and listen to only one speaker unit or place it on the sides of your head. Whatever makes your mixing session more comfortable. The high-grade nylon with durable compression molded silicone will give you a better grip, and the rugged feature makes it easy to clean.

E02 · On-ear - PU leather - Modular Earpads

Suitable for long mixing sessions, these soft on-ear memory foam cushions covered with PU leather will provide you with the comfort you need for DJing long hours. The thickness and materials give high isolation and intense sound representation with strong bass and low-end dynamics.

C02 · Coiled - 1.5m – Adapter - Modular Cable

Cable management made it easy. Don't spend a second of your live set worrying about the cable. This one extends up to 3.2m. making it perfect for DJing or small studio use, and it comes with a 1/4 to 1/8 screw-on adapter to make it compatible with virtually every mixing console.


Driver diameter - 40 mm

SPL - 117 dB

Resonance freq - 75 Hz

Impedance - 32 Ohm

Rated power - 30 mW

Max power - 70 mW

Diaphragm – Titanium coated

Magnet -Neodymium

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